Children’s Liturgy Of The Word

Childrens LiturgyIn 1995 Bishop Murphy O’Connor wrote that

“It would seem fitting that where children attend adult liturgy in our churches every Sunday, they should be provided with the Liturgy of the Word appropriate for their spiritual welfare and suitable for their age and ability”.

The Directory of Masses with Children states that it is spiritually harmful for children ‘to have the experience of going to church without ever fully understanding what is going on’.

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word is a proclamation of the good news of salvation and an experience of the living God revealing himself in a way that enables children to take part in a genuine, meaningful celebration.

The liturgy is planned so that children of school age can hear and celebrate the word of God in a way appropriate and relevant to their age, experience and understanding. It is not designed for children under 4 years of age. However, a younger child wishing to be included must be accompanied by his or her own parent to ensure that the liturgy of the older children is not disturbed.

Children at ChurchWe use prayer, song, symbol and action to enable children to be brought to Christ, touched by Him, stand in the Father’s presence. Thus they are led towards the ‘full, conscious and active participation’ in the Mass which the Church desires for all the faithful. (Constitution on the Sacred Liturcy – Sacrosanctum Concilium 2.14).

Please note, there is children’s liturgy every week, during term time.


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