Monastery Of The Visitation

The Monastery is located in Waldron, East Sussex, home of the Contemplative Order of Salesian Nuns. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and farmlands, it offers peace, stillness and a gentle way of life.

It is The Monastery’s tradition to welcome women seeking time for retreat.

All are welcome to stay at any time, and it is not necessary to be a Catholic. Visitors are given small, comfortable rooms with a kitchen, and a sitting room with glorious views. Food is included – meals are simple and seasonal – they make their own bread, jams, etc

Retreats are not generally organised events, but if a visitor asks for guidance is its readily available. Visitors can go into the heart of the community using the magnificent library, attend Mass and join in any of the five Offices. Or, maybe, just wander about in the gardens.

For all of the above one is only asked for a donation for as little or as much as one can afford.

Contact Information

The Monastery of the Visitation
Foxhunt Green
East Sussex TN21 0RX



Please contact us if you would like to make a Mass or Prayer request.