Register Of Burial Sites

A documented list containing the names of deceased, who are either interred in graves or whose ashes have been buried at the Memorial Wall. Names and dates have been recorded.

A big thank you also to Mr Len Ketcher R.I.P who took all the information and typed it up in order to create the document below so that anyone can have access to this information. The list is now kept up to date by the Parish Secretary.

Direct access to the graveyard is via a path located at the side of the Church Annexe making it available to visit anytime. There is access to the graveyard via the School on Saturday and Sunday between 9am -1pm.

The Sacred Heart Church Cemetery Register of Burial Sites can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Register of Burial Sites

Sacred Heart Graveyard 1 Sacred Heart Graveyard 2 Sacred Heart Graveyard 3 Sacred Heart Graveyard 4


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