August 2020 Pastoral Letter

June, July and August is the peak season for Ordination to the Priesthood. Throughout these months people will have hands laid upon them by a Bishop in the age old ceremony that empowers them to celebrate the Eucharist, to reconcile humankind to God and to anoint the sick, as well as Baptising, preaching and teaching the Gospel.

These people are called to build Praying Communities of Believers who make Justice, Forgiveness and Love present in the world through lives of committed caring service to those most in need.

It is a noble calling especially in these times when the odds seem stacked against anyone trying to live out the values of Jesus. But things were no better in the world when Jesus called the original twelve.
Paganism supported by the power of the Roman Emperor was rampant all round them. The Religious Leaders of the time had succumbed to the civil oppressors.

The twelve were ill-equipped for the task entrusted to them. But they believed that Jesus had called them and would not fail them.

In today’s bewildered world Jesus still calls, Andrews, Johns, Peters and others to whom he entrusts the same task as he did to the original twelve. May all whom he calls answer, and we thank you Rev. Thomas Kent for answering that call. There will never be a better time to do so than now and may your future see you Blessed and Happy. So from all of us to you, may you be fulfilled and courageous in your noble calling.

Fr Martin & Parishioners